Overview Of Our Modern Fleet Of Concrete Pump Trucks

Schwing 20m concrete boom pump

S20 Boom Pump

Our SCHWING S20 unit is compact, flexible & versatile 4 stage RZ boom pump, compact footprint & high performance twin circuit pump kit with rock concrete valve. Its high pressure pump kit makes it ideal for “plug-in” work on mid-rise projects as well as general line pumping jobs. Minimised set up time and hard work of line pumping as well as maximising job site flexibility with its optional 360° rotating outlet. Ideal for indoor slabs, tunnels, plug-ins, roadside and spray jobs. It sets up within the width of the truck… anywhere you can get a truck mixer, you can get the SCHWING S20!

Schwing KVM24H Concrete Boom Pump 24m

KVM24-H Boom Pump

Our SCHWING 24M unit is an extremely versatile truck-mounted boom concrete pump unit, capable of operating in less than 5.0 metres of height. Its unique combination of roll-fold and z-fold boom configuration provides it with the greatest degree of motion flexibility. This boom pump is fitted to 6×4 axle configuration truck chassis with a wheel base of less than 5.0 meters, along with rear outriggers that don’t extend horizontally provides easy access and setup to even the most congested of job sites.

Schwing S36X 36m Concrete Boom Pump

S36X Boom Pump

Our SCHWING S36X units have longer reach booms and are equipped with high output capacity pump-kits, capable of pumping concrete at greater than 150 cubic metres per hour. These truck mounted boom concrete pumps are fitted on 6×4 axle configuration truck chassis and utilise SCHWING’s smart compact outrigger configuration, providing great accessibility to job sites with limited space availability.

Schwing S38SX REPTOR

S38SX REPTOR Boom Pump

Recently added to our fleet, the SCHWING S38SX REPTOR is equipped with the revolutionary 5-stage Roll Fold boom configuration with industry leading opening angles up to 230 degrees provides the ultimate flexibility in meeting any job setup requirements whilst the P2025 pump kit provides smooth and reliable pumping performance capable of delivering 160 cubic metres per hour.

Schwing S43SXII 43m Concrete Boom Pump

S43SXII Boom Pump

Our SCHWING S43SX Series 2 is the flagship of our fleet, boasting 43 metres of vertical reach coupled with the industry leading Super-X outrigger system, facilitating the longest truck mounted stroke concrete pump kit in the industry, delivering over 160 cubic metres per hour with less change-overs and smoother operation. This patented design provides for a super compact chassis configuration for tight site access for a 40 metre class machine.