Concrete Pumping Newcastle / Hunter Region

Laing Concrete Pumping is a leading concrete pumping specialist with over 42 years of experience. Our modern fleet of concrete boom pumps, fully accredited operators and linesman give us a competitive advantage over other concrete pumping companies. Apart from servicing Newcastle and the greater hunter regions, we also service the Central Coast and Sydney.

Why you need a concrete boom pump

Concreting is an essential stage in many construction sites, building projects and the development of public infrastructure. From foundations, walls, floors, swimming pools, to driveways, concrete pumps are often used to transport concrete from the mixer truck to the intended formwork. Until the early 20th century, this was achieved using wheelbarrows, buckets, and hours of manual labour.

Our truck mounted boom pumps have articulating robotic arms that can place concrete accurately and efficiently, even to hard-to-reach areas. This significantly reduces the amount of time and labour required.

Why is Laing the best concrete pump provider?

Because we:

  • Specialise in concrete pumping
  • Are recognised leaders in the industry
  • Have over 42 years of experience
  • Adhere to the highest standard of practice
  • Member of the CPAA (Concrete Pumping Association of Australia)
  • Offer great competitive rates
  • Provide excellent customer service
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