Schwing S20 concrete pump
Schwing S20 in tight space
Schwing S20 concrete boom pump
Schwing S20 in action
Schwing S20 concrete pump specs

S20 SCHWING Concrete Boom Pump

Our SCHWING S20 unit is compact, flexible & versatile 4 stage RZ boom pump, compact footprint & high performance twin circuit pump kit with rock concrete valve on MAN TGM 18.290 (4×2).

Low unfolding height of 3.85m, RZ geometry features 270° articulation between stages 2/3 and 3/4 – no blind spots. Unrivalled 2 x 370° slew range for flexibility between jobs and faster positioning on site. Esser S3000 Twin Pipe, made in Germany with 2.5mm inner layer for longer wear.

The smaller the truck-mounted concrete pump, the greater the variety of uses – The beauty of the S20 is its versatility. Its high pressure pump kit makes it ideal for “plug-in” work on mid-rise projects as well as general line pumping jobs. Minimised set up time and hard work of line pumping as well as maximising job site flexibility with its optional 360° rotating outlet. Ideal for indoor slabs, tunnels, plug-ins, roadside and spray jobs.

The machine literally sets up within the width of the truck… anywhere you can get a truck mixer, you can get the SCHWING S20!